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The USB Net Power is a economical device for network power control.
With this device power control cannot be any easier. Simply plug
in the device, run the sofware and now anyone can turn on turn off
their devices via the PC. Also with a scheduler function included this
device can easily become automated to turn on and turn off anything
connected. Based off of Aviosys IP Power design this new 1 port
economical solution allows flexibility of using this device for any
situation and location. All you need is a PC and a power jack and you
can control anything.


1. Remote Local power control : Turn ON/OFF devices.
2. Control through any other PC on Internet.
3. Timer Scheduler : Preset the time to control power ON/OFF.
4. Exchangeable Fuse Protection.
5. SDK Available :
6. User friendly, compact, and simply just plug play.


• Casing : Plastic
• Case Color : White with black print
• Weight : 300grams
• Size (W x L x H) : 85mm x 85mm x 50mm (L x W x H)
• Operating Conditions : 0 ~ 50°C, (32 ~ 120°F)
• Input Voltage Range : 100V ~ 240V
• Maximum Current : 6A

USB Net Power 8800 MANUAL

Version :1.0
Release date : NOV. 2010


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