Sontrol Step Motor through USB and No need Extra power supply. With SDK Support Serial port simulation. No need any USB protocol knowledge to control Step Motor through PC easily. If you wan to use PC to control Step Motor, with the USB Step Motor 8810-S, you can do it simply plug and play. With no external case, just plug the USB port and use our software to control the motor direction and steps. There has time scheduler function, you can pre-set the time to auto control the motor. Fit for Home/Office/Factory Automation application and school training purpose.


  • Control through USB by PC software
  • No need extra power source, use USB as power source and communication.
  • Control one 5V Step Motor - Direction, Steps. Speed
  • Scheduler - Timer control
  • SDK (USB Serial port simulation) provided - command under hyper terminal/putty directly
  • as 2nd developing


USB 2.0/1.1
Power input Standard USB 5V
Windows OS WIN10, WIN 8, WIN 7, Vista or XP
Microsoft.NET Framework Version 3.5 or above


Version :1.0

Release date : JULY. 2013