8 Channels, Control ON/OFF thr. USB, Remote controller available. Support Serial port simulition. USB Power 8840 is a 8 Channel USB Relay Module. No need any USB protocol knowledge to control. User can control 8 independent port and each output can switch up to 10A loading. With Scheduler, Demo, LOG, USB Power 8840 supports simple operation commands to control relay and read the relay status of USB 8840, when attach to a computer/notebook, it will automatically show up as a serial port and allows you to control through a serial terminal software like HyperTerminal or Putty. This board can easily be controlled by writing simple serial port application through our provided SDK. Support USB CDC Emulation model for wild supplication.


  • Control through USB or RS232 by PC software
  • Control 8 outputs 12V DC relay On or Off
  • Hardware connect as NC - Normal Close or NO - Normal ON.
  • Individual output relay support loading to 10A total 8 ports up to 80A
  • Individual control through IR remote controller
  • Scheduler - Timer control
  • LOG system information
  • Support SDK (USB CDC mode) - command under hyper terminal/putty directly
  • as 2nd developing


Power Source 9V ~ 12V DC, 1A
12V Power Line in : Green jack
DC Power In : Black jack
8 ports Can connect as Normal Close or Normal Open
Normal Close- NC 5A per output
Normal Open- NO 10A per output
USB jack Connect to PC. Do Not connect RS232 at same time.
RS232 jack Connect to PC RS232 port. Do Not connect RS232 at same time


Version :1.0

Release date : JULY. 2013