Non Contact Current meter recorder/Clamp, Support "LabView" software, Long time monitoring the meter (Amp), With SDK Support CDC ROM (RS 232 Mode) USB e-Meter 8870 is a very convenient and economical "Non-Contact USB Current Meter" Just open the meter and put the L or N cable then you can get and record the current value in PC. Support USB CDC Emulation model for wild supplication. - Without having to make physical contact of power line, simply place around an electrical conductor. - Safety measure the power current in "Distribution Box". - Auto record the current value and save in PC for evaluation and application. Measure the current range of electricity device at 0A ~ 10A, User do not need to search the metal part and can quick and safely get detect the value of current. economical device for network power control with Current Meter.


  • Small size, light weight, convenient and safe.
  • Fit for long time display record in PC
  • Support USB CDC emulation mode (RS232 control).
  • Read the current in Hyper terminal.
  • Support SDK for system integrator or hobbyist to make development


Power input Standard USB 5V
Measure Current Range 40 ~ 66Hz, 0 ~ 10A (Accuracy : ±0.2A)
Sampling Rate Max. Software read : 2 times per second
8870 output the value 3s
Response Time 0.1 sec
Windows OS WIN10, WIN 8, WIN 7, Vista or XP
USB 2.0 / 1.1 Microsoft.NET Framework Version 3.5 or above


Version :1.0

Release date : JULY. 2013