Remote sensor management, current monitoring, voltage monitoring, distribution box, circuit box, Long time data recording. IP Sensor 9219 is a new generation of the Sensor Deta Center for ling time recording the data. server room. office network and control in the network distributionbox or circuit box With embedded web server and HTTPS protection, 9219 supports higher grade security as working on Internet. User can get the value of the current ampere, humidity and temperature remotely by web broswer like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (iOS) and Android system. 9219 support up to 8DI (Dry Contact), 6 USB sensors, 1 USB Camera and 1 USB Flash Drive. USB Port 1~6 are for USB Sensor as following : - USB Sensor 8870 : AC Current sensor (up to 10A). - USB Sensor 8871 : Humidity Temeperature Sensor (HT). User can select the qty of each modle. For example : 5pcs AC current meter + 1pcs HT Sensor or 3pcs AC current meter 8870 + 3pc HT Sensor. USB Port 7 is only for ext. USB Camera remote monitoring. USB Port 8 is only for ext. USB Flash Drive to save long time Sensor data. Long Time Current, Voltage, Humidity Temperature Monitoring Data Recording via web browser (WIN, Android iOS) For system integrator, there are several popular developing tolls like TelNet, SNMP and HTTP Command (SDK) for 2 nd development. The various applications of the 9820 includes. Long time monitoring in Distribution Box, Circuit Box, Power Management, Server Management, System Integration. User Friendly. Convenience Powerful.


  • Embedded HTTP web browser interface, the Remote control without special software.
  • Remote Sensor Center for Long time Recording. Embedded webserver.
  • 8 DI Sensor -Dry Contact (Resistance input).
  • 8 USB ports for plug in 6 USB Sensors 1 USB Camera 1 USB Flash Drive :
  • 6 USB Sensors -- from port 1 to port 6 -- see red mark on above picture, Sensor available models now are :
    -USB Sensor 8870 -- AC Current sensor (up to 10A ).
    -USB Sensor 8871 -- Humidity Temeperature Sensor. (H T sensor)
  • The 6 USB port can be plugged into with mixed up different models ny user, the example as below.
  • Example 1 -- 5 AC Currents Meter Sensor plus 1 HT sensor.
  • Example 2 -- 3 AC Currents Sensor plus 3 HT sensor.
  • Port 7 for one USB Camera for remote monitoring. (Option)
  • Port 8 for one USB Flash Drive for recording data long period of time (CSV file).
  • RS232/TELNET coommunication port to get data.
  • Beeper/Email alarm. E-mail function :
    - Support public e-mail : Gmail, Yahoo Mail Hotmail.
    - Get Email with IP as boot up, as over setting at
  • Current, Humidity Temp. as DI status change.
  • 2 Network RJ45 jacks for convenient connection.
  • Option :
    - LCD Display : IP, DIs Currents, Humidity Temp.
    - Handheld IR Remote Controller : Wake up LCD
  • manual display the value of each USB sensor.
  • Other Device for FUTURE combination :
    - USB Sensor 8872 : DC Current Sensor.
    - USB Sensor 8873 : AC Voltage Sensor.
    - USB Sensor 8874 : Sensor Converter 4 ~ 20mA
    - USB Power 8840 : Control 8 DO relay 18. Specific software developed by Aviosys and provided free of charge :
    - SDK available : HTTP Command.
    - CNT software (Cross Network Technology)- allows user eliminate set up work on any Router without port forwarding, simply Plug Play.


Power input 12V/1A Power line (Green terminal jack)
Interface RS232
8 DI Sensor
8 USB 2.0 Port
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port x2