The 9255 is one of the newest IP Power product to the Aviosys product line.
Built with high quality components , and a robust design , this compact device was created for small spaces that require remote power management .
The built in web server allows the 9255 to easily connect to the internet and can easily be controlled to meet the needs of its users .
Specially built to support more flourescent T5 lighting ,
the IP Power 9255 uses high quality comonents to make sure that the device provides the safest environments for their users .
Also going through Aviosys vigorous QC process the 9255 will be not only cost efficient but also reliable .
In addtion to the vast array of features like autoping , scheduler, email notification , DDNS , telnet , and http commands ,
the features of 9255 will allow this device to easily be integrated or used to meed each individual users needs .
Compatibility with all android and IOS systems makes the IP Power 9255 a must need device for power managment .
Users can now easily turn on turn off or reset their devices through a computer , a smartphone , or anywhere with Internet access .
With 5 different global plug standards available , the 9255 is easy for installation and will not require any type of a socket adapter .
9255 Plug types
Applications for this device include :
Remote Power Management
Kiosk Integration
Digital Signage integration
Power Management
Light (T5 Flourescent lighting) Controller
Scheduled Remote Power


  • Inrush Current relay design for extra protection .
  • Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting .
  • Industrial single port Relay design network controller .
  • Accessible with popular web browsers - IE , Google Chrome , Netscape Firefox
  • Supports up to maximum current : 8Amp.
  • Power surge protection design to protect against high voltage power surge .
  • Designed to meet high voltage and current safety standard design and regulation .
  • Support SNMP SMTP .
  • WatchDog -- Auto Ping .
  • Network protocols supported : Http , DDNS , DHCP , Virtual and Dynamic IP .
  • SDK for own software development .
  • Smartphone and IOS supported .
  • Embedded web server - No PC is required for it to work .


Power Cable Input :
Specification : 10AMP 18AWG 0.75 x 3C (Standard PC Power Cable) Relay :
Regular Use : Max. 8Amp / port
T5 fluorescent light control : 240Watt Weight : 192.6 grams without packaging.
Dimensions (L x W x H) :
8.5 x 7 x 8.5cm

IP Power 9255 MANUAL

Version : 1.1
Firmware Version : 4.03
Release date : NOV. 2012


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