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IP POWER 9258S is a web controller which can be easily used in the industry field.
With the remote network control technology, user can control or query the power supply of equipment.
User can do this in any computer connected to the internet or local area network,
there is no special program needed,also there is no need to open the external case of the computer.
Try to imagine that while traveling in a foreign country, you can control the power supply of your electric equipments,
such as a computer, a server, a router, an entrance guard or security / surveillance system directly or use a time schedule comes with the IP POWER.
You can remotely control the power switch with any computer connected to the network,
which is not only convenient, but it also big saving on the manpower and time.



1. Embedded HTTP web browser interface, the Remote control without specialsoftware.
2. Support IPhone and Android smart mobile Internetoperate.
3. Simple remote network control design CNT (Cross networkTechnology) features: port router without going through a complex set tocontrol.
4. Support Serial RS-232 communications and Telnet controlsand displays real-time status of each 9258.
5. Provide IP serverservice on the Internet easy to search by name. Do not need to remembercomplicated IP position.
6. Secure Password Authentication, easyinstallation operation and can be upgraded online.
7. The independentLED lights display the status of each switch.
8. design safety highpressure without leakage, non-flammable material
9. Schedules controlswitch.
10. Provide LAN security shutdown windows PC.
11. Provide wake-on-lan function.
12. Support NTP function - to set thetime synchronized with the network.
13. Default personalization: Seteach output to maintain the preset value specified default state afterreboot.
14. The personal web page: via Web development tool easy andsimple to modify their own web page background patterns and text
15.To provide software development tools: Provide SDK (VB and VC) self-developedsoftware and related application level.
16. Auto-Ping: Ping tocontrol the external device IP switch (optional)



Power : 15A/120VAC, 10A/240VAC.
Maximum Rated Current (Each Outlet) : 6A/120VAC, 6A/240VAC
Interface : RS232, LED x 4 power switch status indicator
Size : 220mm x 120mm x 45mm
CASE design : Metal
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C
Controller dissipates : 5watts max.
Network : RJ-45 10 / 100Mb Ethernet port



Version : 5.01
Release date : SEP. 2015


9258 中文手冊

Version : 5.01
Release date : SEP. 2015



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