Remote power contontroller via web browser of PC/Smartphone (Windows, Android iOS) 4 ports with Dual Cut Relay Zreo Cross design, Current meter, Temperature Sensor, Leakage Surge protection, Support T5 fluorescent Light and Inrush Current protection, hardware button control ON/OFF, Auto Ping, Timer Scheduler 7 countries power plug available. With the new current meter on the IP Power 9258XX, you can find out how much power consumption is being used for total 4 outlets. Built with high quality components and enbedded web server design, IP Power 9258xx can be easily connect through multiple web brower in Windows PC like IE, Firefox and Google Chrome and also in smartphoen like to iPhone and Android system. Specially built to support more fluorescent T5 lighting, 9258xx uses high quality components to make sure that the device provides the safest environments for their users. Applications for this device include : Remote Power Management. Kiosk Integration. Digital Signage integration. Light (T5 Flourescent lighting) Controller.


  • Embedded HTTP web browser interface, the Remote control without special software.
  • Remote power contorl through network broswer as Embeddedweb server design
  • Accessiblewith popular web browsers in Windows, Android and iPhone IOS
    - IE, Google ChromeFirefox. broswer in iPhone and Android Phone.
  • 4 ports PLUGdesign - plug and control, easy and convient
  • 4 buttons hardware to contorl ON/OFF locally.
  • Built in "Current meter" for monitoring and "Temperature - internal"
  • Inrush Current Protect - HI-Grade relay select for extra protection
  • Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting- energy savings increasing brightness
  • Supports "Zero Cross" toprotect relay to suppress noise generatedas loading current rises suddenly.
  • Power leakage protection - turn off as leakage over 3mA
  • Industrial single port Relay design network controller
  • WatchDog -- Auto Ping.
  • TimeSchedule -- pre-set your planned time to switch on/off
  • CNTtechnology -- Just Plug Play no need to port forward
  • SDK provided for user`s own software development.
  • Support TCP/IP, DDNS, DHCP, SNMP,SMTP, Dynamic Fix IP
  • Seven different countries power socket type for choosing - "US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Swiss, Danish"
  • Wide rangeof electric Power Modulecan be used in both 110V 220V environment


Dimensions 220 * 120 * 45mm
Power input (Total Outlet) 100~240VAC
Maximum current per outlet 8A
Maximum current total 4 outlets 10A
Interface 4 LED indicator lights
Manual power On/Off button
Working temperature 0~50°C
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port


Version :1.0

Release date :NOV. 2012