1U 19' Rack mount 8 port Remote power controller via web browser (WIN, Android iOS) HTTPS/SSL, Develop OWN langrage in webpage. Higher Current : 20Amp/110V or 15Amp/220V (Power Inlet as C20) Control each outlet On/Off by E-Mail, Send Log to outside server IP (SYSLOG), USB Camera Monitoring, Android APP, QR code easy login for iPhone/Android phone, Auto Ping, Schedular. For system integrator, there are several popular developing tolls like TelNet, SNMP and HTTP Command (SDK) for 2 nd development. The various applications of the 9820 includes : Power Management, Server Management, Internet Controllable Timer, System Integration, Remote Power Control in Remote locations.... etc. User Friendly. Convenience Powerful.


  • 1U 19' Rack mount 8 port IP Power with Tri-functional -- Wireless and Wired and Handheld Remote Controller to control.
  • Network AC Power Control - can control and operate the High Power switch on/off via Internet/Ethernet.
  • Support web browser of PC/Smartphone with Win/iOS/Android system like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.
  • Support HIGH Power usage inquire (Power Inlet C20 plug)
  • Adopt high grade Component Relay for better quality / performance / durability
    - Maximum current per outlet : 10Amp
    - Maximum current total 8 outlets : 20Amp/110V or 15Amp/220V
    - Maximum watt for light control : 240Watt (such as T5 fluorescent light)
  • Support 'Inrush Current' for T5 fluorescent light for energy savings
  • Power Surge protection FUSE embedded in
  • Support SYSLOG function Save History as CSV file for application.
  • Support 1 pc USB for USB Webcam monitoring (need Support UPNP, M-JPG/YUV) to view the environment around the 9820 Lite
  • Convenience design for Smartphone :
  • Android APP 'IP Power' : Search IP - LAN / WAN
  • QR Code : create ocutomized QR code (IP address)
  • Android Apps 'IP Power' - free supply
    - Controls the outlet power ON/OFF without port fprwarding/port mapping
    - Quick search in LAN / WAN (liek IPEDIT IP Serice)
  • Time Schedule (29 rules) -- can pre-set a suitable time to turn power on/off automatically .
  • Support Auto Ping for auto control management.
  • Back Up function for quick setup for multiple devices like Time Schedule, Network Setting
  • Support Auto Ping, CNT, TelNet, DDNS, ADSL (PPPoE).
  • POP3 Control : Controls the power ON/OFF thr, emali contents
  • Support E-mail and public e-mail, and so om
  • E-mail Advice : Receive Email with IPs device boot up, ON/OFF change advice .
  • Specific software developed by Aviosys and provided free of charge :
    - SDK Available : HTTP Command
    - IP Power Center - for control multiple Aviosys IP devices in same software
    - CNT software (Cross Network Technology)- allows user eliminate set up work on any Router without port forwarding, simply Plug Play.
    - Develop OWN LANGRAGE in 9820 Lite device webpage.


Dimensions 450 x 170 x 50mm
Power input 100~240VAC
Maximum current per outlet 10A
Maximum current total 8 outlets 20A/110V
Interface antenna
8 LED indicator lights
Reset Breaker - Fuse protection button
HW Reset
Working temperature 0~50°C
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port x 2
USB USB 2.0 Port x 2


Version :V1.0C

Release date : SEP. 2014