New profession style of dynamic color display GUI & Icon for easy using and save time. Remote control of 2 power outputs through the network for on/off/restart action 2-way sockets provides independent power control.
Super slim/thin size metal enclosure design with 3.5 cm in height for easy install in any limited room space or narrow area


  • Adopt the magnetic "Latching Relay" (a KEEP relay ), operation temperature can go up to 85°C (185°F) with MTCM 100,000 times, longer electrical life expectancy .
  • It keeps device operating temperature at low state and maintain there without going higher even all 4 port at ON state simultaneously , plus lower power consumption for energy savings purpose.
  • When power is turned OFF, all contacts are available for other circuit functions and maintains its position, the circuit will be in the same state when power is turned ON again.
  • Manual push buttons control -On/Off for 1st or 2nd port - emergency use while network disconnected.
  • Adopt higher grade Components for better quality / performance / durability
  • Current Sensor Meter Detection -- for total of two ports
  • Has the protection of Power Surge . supports high energy efficiency -- T5 Fluorescent or LED light .
  • Din-Rail -- supports as optional. It has screw holes ready to mount the kit of Din-Rail .
  • Super Slim Enclosure ( sleek black metal casing - professional looks ) -- good to install to Wide Screen Flat TV ( fixed to wall / ceiling ) or Digital Signage where the space is very narrow or room is limited.
  • Back Up --quick back up and save functions like Time Schedule, Network Setting. Ping Setting. status of Default I/O Setting for multiple devices
  • Time Schedule -- to schedule specific date and time turn power on / off automatically -- can set up to 29 groups .
  • Log capability -- device itself can log user's activities and relevant information for monitoring purposes
  • System Log capability -- it enable to record all activities of internal device from external device simultaneously.
  • PoP3 e-mail controls the power ON/OFF
  • Wake on Lan / Shutdown on Lan
  • Auto Ping
  • UPNP -- No need to do "port forwarding" from router , simply enter webpage via Wan ( user's router need to support UPNP )
  • MQTT ( CNT2 ) -- allows end user eliminate set up work on any Router without doing port forwarding and higher security, simply Plug & Play .


Dimensions 195 x 88 x 35mm( Width included two mounting ear kits of boths sides - 2.5mm x 2 )
Power input 90~240VAC
Maximum Rated Current 15A
Interface LED indicator lights
HW Reset button
Two push buttons
Operating Temperature -15°C~ 60°C( 5°F~ 140°F )
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port
RJ-45 Hub port
HTTP CGI, SNMPv3, Modbus TCP, Bacnet TCP, Modbus RTU
Peer -to-Peer ( = Aviosys CNT = Cross Network Technologies used in iOS / Android APP )

Android APP -- Please Google Play input "IP Power" search download

iOS APP -- Please Apple App Store input "IPPOWER" search download


Version : 1.1

Release date : March. 2019