MEW Remote Power control ECONOMICAL Solution 4 port Remote power control via web browser of PC/Smartphone (Windows, Android iOS) HTTPS/SSL, Schedular (4 rules), Auto Ping (Option Model), Free Android APP to control directly without port fporwarding/port mapping. IP Power 9858 is a new generation of the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Remote Power Control (RPC) system. With embedded web server and HTTPS protection, 9858 supports higher grade security as working on Internet. User can control power easily and more safely through the web browser on Windows PC or on Smartphone like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (iOS) and Android system. 9858 allows user to remote control power up to 4 separate devices ON/OFF via network. As support SSL SMTP, user can use public email like Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Mail to get the email as the ON/OFF status change. Besides control through web browser, there is Android Apps name "IP Power" for Android user to control the outlet power turn ON/OFF directly without port forwarding or port mapping, Not only control manually, 9858 supports Time Scheduler (4 rules), LOG SYSLOG - send log info. to assign IP (IP address which is more suitable for factory/office/home automation. There is another option function "Auto Ping" for 9858 + Ping model. 9858 also can work under low temperature range at 0 ~ 50°C or 32 ~ 122°F. For system integrator, there are several popular developing tools like TelNet, SNMP (MIB) and HTTP Command (SDK) for 2nd development. The various applications of the 9858DX includes : Power Management, Server Management, Internet Controllable Timer, System Integration, Remote Power Control in Remote locations.... etc. User Friendly. Convenience Powerful !


  • 4 ports Remote power controller for power On, Off and Reboot.
  • Web Server built-in design, directly control by web browser - PC Smart phone :
    - Internet Explore, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari - iPhone and Android browser of smart phone. (WIN, Android iOS).
  • Android Apps "IP Power" - free supply
    - Controls the outlet power ON/OFF without port fprwarding/port mapping
    - Quick search in LAN/WAN (liek IPEDIT IP Serice)
  • Power Surge protection FUSE embedded in
  • Time Schedule - can pre-set 4 rules at a suitable time to turn power on/off automatically.
  • Auto Ping for auto control management. (Option for 9858 +Ping Model)
  • Back Up function for quick setup for multiple devices like Time Schedule, Network Setting
  • Support public e-mail --,, etc.
  • E-mail Advice : Receive Email with IPs device boot up, ON/OFF change advice.
  • Specific software developed by Aviosys and provided free of charge :
    - SDK Available : HTTP Command
    - IP Power Center - for control multiple Aviosys IP devices in same software
    - CNT software (Cross Network Technology)- allows user eliminate set up work on any
    - Router without port forwarding, simply Plug Play.
    - Develop own langrage in 9858DX device webpage


Dimensions 195 x 135 x 48mm
Power input 100~240VAC
Maximum current per outlet 8A
Maximum current total 4 outlets 10A
Interface 4 LED indicator lights
HW Reset button
WPS button
Working temperature 0~50°C
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port


Version :1.0B

Release date :SEP. 2014